Geotechnical services provided by geocontrol include:


Conditions of engineering foundations – we assess the conditions of engineering foundations and prepare the projects of engineering facilities foundations, both newly designed as well as those where reconstruction, expansion or change of function is planned.


Foundation projects – we design foundation projects for newly constructed buildings as well as reinforcement projects of the existing structures.


Load testing projects – we comprehensively design the field test projects of pile load capacity, carried out throughout a country.


Pile load testing – we offer a full range of pile load testing according to the projects made by us or the outsourced projects. We present a detailed and reliable interpretations, analysis and the results of pile load tests.


The quality of piles – tests on piles’ quality include assessment of length and diameter of the pile. Moreover, based on the knowledge of the pile geometry and soil properties, we analyze the impact of geotechnical conditions on the piles. In assessing the quality of piles, by means of computer simulation, we are able to analyze the impedance of pile, on the basis of the given results and depth. In the end we present pile cross-section.


Geotechnical opinions – we present geotechnical engineering studies, specialist expertise for difficult geotechnical conditions, opinions related to the evaluation of the cooperation foundation – ground surface and all kinds of geotechnical documentation.


Stability of slopes – we prepare computational analysis of slope stability and present projects of protecting slopes.

We comprehensively

prepare research projects

and their completion.

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