Services of engineering geology and hydrogeology:


Projects of geological work – prepared for identification of geological-engineering conditions, as well as for defining the conditions of building foundations or stability of landslides.


Preparing geological-engineering documentation – we present a comprehensive documentation, opinions, geological expertise.


A description of the geological structure of the ground – we conduct the analysis taking into account the geodynamic phenomena,  such as surface mass movements.


Ground research – we conduct a research of ground and groundwater and also an analysis and evaluation of their physical-mechanical properties.


Geological characteristics – we prepare data on the structures occurring in the ground and the types of separate geological-engineering layers, taking into account the weak and anthropogenic lands.


Determination of the hydro geological conditions – we define the hydro geological conditions for example for lowering the water level at the deep building foundation and also in other cases.


Evaluation of the impact of the intended investment on the environment – we conduct analysis in terms of the impact on land and water environment.

Documentation prepared by us contains documentary maps, geological-engineering sections and thematic maps (such as a map of ground-water conditions at the depth of foundation) and the results of analysis and laboratory tests.

In order to fulfill the objectives of engineering geology and geotechnics we organize:


Drilling tests of different diameter and depth using the appropriate equipment for the testing conditions.


Drill-stem tests – we take samples of grounds with untouched structure and samples of groundwater.


Field sounding – we use different equipment, including dynamic probes DPL, DPM, DPH, DPSH and SPT; rotary probes FVT and SLVT, and static probes CPT and CPTU.


Laboratory land tests – we do them so as to determine the physical and mechanical properties of ground and water chemism and also the study of the CBR rate, sand rate, optimum moisture in Proctor camera and others.

We comprehensively

prepare research projects

and their completion.

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